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Mission Statement

We are an educational institute, looking to improve the lives of our students by teaching them Math to better prepare them for adulthood and higher education.

Vision Statement

To be the best educational Institute in the country, reaching more people by opening more locations and expanding our educational base beyond just math, a place kids love.

A Solid Foundation Will Ensure a Strong Future

We believe that every student has unique abilities and different ways they like to be taught and our programs accommodate all learners! A solid foundation will ensure a bright future and that is why we are here: to make sure we fill in the gaps, ace the next exam and be best prepared for the next level. We also strive to inspire our students to give them confidence, to make sure they know how special they are and that they can do any and all math assignments. We know most students look for help because they don’t believe they can do it, we prove, time and time again that they can. Regardless of where they are now, after Infinity, they will go to the top of the class.


We are proud of our Scholarship Program! Thanks to parents, friends, family, and Sobel Cares, we have a scholarship fund that helps families with low income to get half or full math scholarships.


  1. How to apply: Setup an appointment, fill out the application form and wait for the approval. Contact us to find out more!
  2. How to sponsor: Anyone can contribute! Please contact us if you want to sponsor a student or if you would like to contribute to our scholarships fund.

Quality Tutoring Contributing to Your Child’s Mathematical Success

Infinity The Math Institute is a mathematical tutoring center that offers four distinct services: one-on-one tutoring (classroom & online), small group tutoring, supplemental math courses, and camps. Each student gets the help they need to succeed in their current class, but more importantly, we will continuously diagnose the student’s mathematics acumen and reinforce the foundation and/or fill any gaps in their baseline mathematics abilities. We provide individualized attention to our students and keep daily progress notes, much like a physician keeps a chart on their patients.

$200 / month

Basic pack

(Small class - Twice/Week)

$36 / Single Session

Small group tutoring

$400 / month

One on One Tutoring

(8 session pack - online & in-person)

$300 / month

Infinity Pack

(Small Class - Unlimited Sessions)

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Location:  6370 W Flamingo Rd
Suite 12, Las Vegas NV 89103

Telephone:  (702) 768-1777

Email:  contact@themathinstitute.com


Tutoring Hours:

  • M-F: 2:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Sat: 10:00am - 2:00pm