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One On One Tutoring

The Math Institute offers one on one tutoring which entails much more than your typical tutor session. Infinity will teach your child one on one. We will help explain their classwork and homework and how to best succeed on the upcoming test, but the focus will be on learning the subject matter the Infinite way, with Infinity learning materials, and an emphasis on content understanding while highlighting material essential in future classes.

Small Group Tutoring

The Math Institute will offer comprehensive tutoring where teachers help students understand their current curriculum and are best prepared for immediate success. Students will receive Infinity’s supplemental materials to ensure understanding is deep and best prepares students for current and future success.

Supplemental Classes

The Math Institute is proud to be the only tutor center to offer full supplemental courses which will teach pupils everything they need to know in each and every math subject. Students can review classes they’ve struggled with,take a supplemental course simultaneously with their school, or learn the content before they take a class so when they learn in school it will simply be a review and they will be bale to master content.

We Cover a Wide Range of Topics in Math

If you want your child to succeed in math, Infinity The Math Institute will make sure your child gets there! Our educators strongly believe that one must build a strong foundation at the very beginning to succeed in the future.

Integers/Operations, Properties of Real Numbers, Simple Word Problems,
Factoring/GCF/LCM, Fractions, Decimals, Expressions/Order of Operations, Equations, Number
Classifications, Squares and Square Roots, Irrational Numbers

Rational Numbers/Decimal Expansion, Equations of One Variable, Exponents, Scientific
Notation, Lines/Linear Equations, Inequalities, Functions, Graphing, Systems, Ratios/Percent,
Basic Geometry, Basic Probability/Statistics, Area/Volume, Pythagorean Theorem

Descriptive Data, Coordinate Plane, Slope, Equation of a Line, Scatterplots/Linear
Modeling, Expressions/Equations, Conversion, Systems of Equations, Graphing Inequalities,
Absolute Value, Exponential Functions, Factoring Polynomials, Quadratic Equations,
Inverse/Piecewise Functions

Introduction/Vocabulary/Basics, Distance and Midpoint, Constructions, Transformations,
Logic/Proofs, Parallel and Perpendicular Lines, Quadrilaterals, Triangles, Circles, Trigonometry,
Probability, Volume and Surface Area

Functional Transformations, Complex Numbers, Review Graphing, Systems, Inequalities,
Polynomial Operations, Functions, Radicals/Exponents/Functions and Their Inverse,
Logarithmic Functions, Trigonometry, Unit Circle, Law of Sine and Cosine, Graphing
Trigonometric Functions, Normal Distribution and Z-Score, Empirical and Theoretical Inference

Linear Equations and Inequalities, Equation of a Line, Functions, Quadratic Equations,
Exponents, Radicals, Polynomial Operations, Isolating Quantities, Systems, Ratio, Rate,
Proportion, Percent, Data, Graphs, Inference, Exponential Growth/Decay, Volume, Right
Triangles, Trigonometry, Congruence/Similarity, Circles, Complex Numbers

Integers, Absolute Value, Operations, Factoring, GCD, LCM, Rational Numbers, Fractions,
Decimals, Exponents, Scientific Notation, Roots, Ratios, Percentages, Scale Factors, Perimeter,
Area, Surface Area, Volume, Interpret/Create Data, Averages, Probability,
Expressions/Polynomials, Equation of a Line, Quadratics

$350 / month

Basic pack

(Small class - Twice/Week)

Virtual Classes Only
100% Interactive

$450 / month

One on One Tutoring

(8 session pack - online & in-person)

$65/ single session

One on One Tutoring

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